Unaware objects

Expanding my interests in building Fictional design objects and/or Design for Debate I sought connections with other design theories. In a four week course at the TU/e Professor Ron Wakkary and visiting Professor William Odom introduced designing for slowness and design of “unaware  objects”.


Unaware objects explore how smart products support long term relationship in the home environment. What makes them unaware is that they don’t respond to direct interaction, they seem to preform their action on their own. This is related to designing for slowness where the action is preformed so slow that users don’t notice it’s exact action. The “interaction” that is possible with these objects takes more the form of intersections and the effect of an ensemble with other everyday (non-smart) objects. The goal of the course was to design an object that was in line with these theories.


I collaborated with Sander Dijkhuis and together we designed “Untitled”.


“Untitled” is a side table that can turn into an exhibition stand. By it self, it decides to move its top surface, until finally when its at its peak, puts your every day objects on a pedestal and/or revealing the content of the drawer. When it’s at the top it will start moving back down again, very slowly it will turn a couple degree every now and then.


This design creates new opportunities to look into ensembles of objects. The objects around the table are continuously placed in a new perspective. The drawer is controlled by the owner and not by the side table itself so the owner can contribute to the setting too.


The name “untitled” was chosen to show that the focus is not on just on the table itself but on the objects that will be put in and around it. Because it can also function as an exhibition stand the names is also a reference to untitled artworks in museums.


Please view the process report via this link.

Credits for the pictures go to Wouter van de Wall

copyright by Charlotte Wassmer 2016