Take A Seat to MAKE A SEAT

Design is not just about Designers. A design product is the result of many perspectives and discussions. To get an insight in the design process I organised Take a seat to MAKE A SEAT.


In a workshop format young designers build design chairs together with DDW-visitors. Visitors were amazed by the creative ideas of the designers but also by the own contribution to the process through feedback and co-creation.


To be able to generate quick prototypes and ideas I collaborated with Conor Trawinski Design kit of prefabricated wood elements. The workshop was part of the Generation workshops series that were organised through Social& ;a collaboration between the Cornerspot (Conor Trawinski & Minsung Wang ) & Vitalis Berckelhof (Sylvia van Aggel).



Designers that contributed to the event :


Unit Unlikely

Frank van Valkenhoef

Erwin Hoogerwoord

Marjolein Schets

copyright by Charlotte Wassmer 2016