Cultural Education

Poster presentation of Educational plan.

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Through my master I was able to further develop my passion for cultural education. Taking part in the course of Emilie Sitzia (associate professor at Maastricht University) I learned to connect learning theories to the design of new experiences. Below I want to share one of my concept plans on the education of food culture.



First however I need to introduce the Next Nature Network (NNN). This network explores the boundaries of (what we accept as) nature and technology. They claim that technology is part of our ever changing (next) nature. I admire their critical yet open attitude to the future of technology and our human nature. The philosophy of Next Nature supported me during my bachelor graduation to focus on facilitating of new perspectives. This is why I used the In-vitro-meat ice-cream truck of Next Nature to build a cultural education plan.


Food Culture


There is a lot of debate on meat as there are issues on sustainability, production, health and animal cruelty. Still, alternatives such as in-vitro meat are not met with a lot of enthusiasm : lab grown meat just sounds sort of alien.. This is where we become aware of a cultural border. Through a new educational plan I want pupils between 11 and 16 to explore this “alien feeling” together with our current food culture.


The project


9.00 AM: The school day starts with a presentation on in-vitro meat. Materials for this is already provided on the website. After the presentation the students will discuss their feelings and current food culture.



The focus of the plan is to change everybody's views to something creative and positive. To achieve this the second part of the program is more hands-on.



10.30 AM: During the break the students can get an ice- cream from the in-vitro meat ice truck. They are confronted with ice-cream flavours like : meat fruit, polar bear, bacon, ice queen, dragon and chocopanda.



11.15 AM: When they return to the classroom the children are asked to make up a future ice-cream flavour. The flavour needs to be presented through a testimonial video. The format of the video can however also be a stop motion or a play. A camera boot is already implemented into the ice-creamtruck. Results from other pupils are shown as an example and inspiration. The best video’s will be added to an online archive.



This project will contribute to cultural education in a sense that it teaches about the intrinsic values of art and culture. It will support the development of reflection skills.

To read the full plan, please click here.


copyright by Charlotte Wassmer 2016