My name is Charlotte. Through this website I would like to introduce you to my work and vision.


In 2015 I graduated as an Industrial Designer at the Technical University Eindhoven. I learned to work hard to realise my ideas and concepts. I enjoy designing but I want to do more than creating material (and interactive) experiences. I want people to think, to research, reflect and finally to start a conversation or discussion. I want to design for debate. Some of my design projects can be found here.


I dream of using my talents to organise meetings of people, of objects and of futures. This made me turn towards creative project management. At the Master Art & Culture Management at the Maastricht University I learned more about project management and got introduced to the museum world. I was invited to work together with the Making Culture Lab (MCL), a research group at the Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. I learned a lot on interdisciplinary teamwork when I helped the lab by designing and building an exhibition (physical) from a virtual exhibition.


From my internship experience at the MCL I realised that there was a need for new perspectives on heritage. This is emphasised in my master thesis by highlighting the position of Indigenous heritage but mostly through the developments in the dynamics of physical and digital experiences. Read more about my Master thesis here. I want to continue to combine the physical and digital to build better heritage/museum experiences.


I am always interested in new projects or in feedback on my current work. Please feel free to leave a message. Do you want to know more on my skills first ? Check out my cv here.


Under Construction


As I am currently busy taking the next step: moving from being a student to a career woman, I have decided to update my site this week. Please bear with the limited functions for a couple of days.


If you are missing the pretty pictures I had up here, please contact me and I will send you a pdf version of my site.

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