I organise meetings of people, of objects

and of futures.



I want to use my talents to bring people together, exploring objects through new interactions and experiencing a far away future. I want to propose new perspectives that generate nuances, empathy and ultimately  vision. I believe that this is an important continuous iterative process that everybody needs to set goals to avoid dystopia‚Äôs and strive for utopia.



In 2015 I graduated as an Industrial Designer at the Technical University Eindhoven. I learned to tackle projects hands-on to realise my ideas and concepts. I enjoy designing but I want to do more than creating material and interactive experiences. I want people to think, to research, reflect and to start a conversation or discussion. I want to design for debate and cultural education. How I explore this can be viewed under work.


At the Master Art, Culture and Heritage Management at the Maastricht University I learned more about creative and cultural project management. I got more involved with cultural education and I explored the museum world and cultural marketing.


I was invited to work together with the Making Culture Lab (MCL), a research group at the Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. From my internship experience at the MCL I realised that there was a need for new perspectives on heritage and (museum) presentation. This is emphasised in my master thesis by highlighting the position of Indigenous heritage but mostly through the developments in the dynamics of physical and digital experiences. A short summary of my thesis is presented here.


I would love to dive deeper into research of museum experiences and to build a better heritage / museum / cultural experiences that embraces both the physical and the digital.


I am always interested in new projects or in feedback on my current work. Please feel free to leave a message. Do you want to know more on my skills first ?

Check out my cv here.


More about me

Another creative activity I love is cooking (and eating too much together with friends). I also like to explore all kinds of "nerd" activities such as (board)games, cartoons, anime and Chiptune music. Sundays are for Japanese tea ceremony lessons (Chado). I find Zen rituals very relaxing and inspirational.


On the overall I like to know a bit about everything.

So keep me posted!

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